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Drone Videos Have Changed More than Aerial Videography

The ground beneath has everything to do with what is built above and even below for that matter. It can be a construction project evaluation that requires aerial videography or a land development project that could use drone videos, these tools have become a vital part of the process of understanding that ground. From expansive commercial projects to construction projects in mountainous terrain, the benefits of drone technology have changed everything.

The traditional method and the resources we had before would require either getting a surveyor or hiring an aircraft and perhaps even aerial photography. Neither option comes without a considerable cost, and if you need aerial photography it will also come with its own set of demands such as pilot coordination and airspace requirements. Drone videos and photography is the solution for developers, construction managers, and investors, providing aerial videography that makes sense practically and financially.

ASOC LLC is a legal UAV/UAS operator in the United States of America, they are insured, and they provide smart, sensible, and feasible. ASOC also operates under 14 CFR Part 107, a required license by the FAA, so you won't have to worry about legalities, licensing issues, or potential damages. ASOC is the simple, smart, and easy way to get the data, photography or aerial information you need for your next project, plan, or development. Contact our team to find more information and to discover how we can help with your next business endeavor.

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