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The Value of Aerial Photography and Benefits of A Drone Geological Survey

A drone geological survey affords many benefits, beginning with safety, but that is only the beginning of the advantages that drones offer for anyone needing some type of topographical or geological survey. Aerial photography does more than present pretty pictures because in a snapshot professionals can determine geological factors such as erosion, ground cover, and other aspects vital to their work and surveys.

In addition to providing a safer way to obtain a geological survey or other terrain evaluations, drones through the use of aerial photography and video offer a more feasible option. The time, expense, and efforts of obtaining an aircraft, a pilot, and getting a time scheduled can be considerable. At ASOC LLC, we can have the data ready for you within 24 hours of scheduling a drone survey. And of course, at a much better rate. A surveyor can handle many small jobs, even smaller geological surveys, but for any job of any considerable size, drones also become a more cost-effective choice.

If you need to perform a geological survey, get an evaluation of an area, or assess a situation, a drone can be the answer. Contact our team today to get your next survey off the ground and let our licensed and insured professionals help. We will handle any FAA compliance issues and we will deliver the results you expect and need. We are also able to provide you access to your data, photos, and video through our cloud portal, so all you have to do is call us and we'll take care of the rest.

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