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Aerial Systems on Command (ASOC) employs a network of trained pilots who specialize in providing drone services to the construction, development and real estate marketing industries. All pilots are vetted and tested for professionalism and quality.


ASOC provides enterprises a single point of contact for drone services nationwide. We take care of all pre-planning, safety checks, asset management, and quality control. ASOC ensures a high standard of quality and fast turnaround time for every project. We have all the necessary insurance and UAV licenses to perform drone services at scale.

History of ASOC

ASOC was founded in 2015. The business was originally known as Aerial Shots OC and was focused on providing aerial media to residential real estate.  As the business evolved, we focused our efforts on bringing drone technology to the construction industry. Today ASOC is based in Los Angles, CA and is actively pursuing the construction and commercial real estate industries. 
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