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Oversee your projects with drone media and aerial data

The Value of Drone Media 

ASOC is your single point of contact for monitoring construction sites all over the country.  When handling multiple sites at once, drone solutions can help streamline your workflow by collecting essential information remotely.

  Insight & Progression

  • We help developers and builders  manage job sites with recurring drone progress reports

  • Streamline communication by sharing drone progress reports with all stakeholders

  • Ensure proper work of subcontractors by aerial verification of post-tension slab work, wire distribution, and plumbing location/layout

  Job-Site Analysis

  • Use aerial imagery to generate 3D models & orthomosaic maps of your site

  • Import drone imagery into Building Information Modeling (BIM) to identify anomalies on the job-site

  • Create elevation heatmaps & measure cut and fill volumes to save time and money 


With well over 200 projects completed and years of demonstrated experience, ASOC is prepared to cater to any of your drone needs.

Insight & Progression

Insight and Progression

ASOC's Insight and & Progression service provides recurring drone progress reports of your job site. These reports can be shared with investors, lenders, contractors, and government agencies to ensure all stakeholders are up to date on the site's progress. 

Site Updates

Aerial videos and photos from all angles of the jobsite

Orthomosiac Maps

Highly-detailed maps to build a picture of your worksite. 

Construction Progress Video Styles

Whatever solutions best fit your site and construction needs, ASOC is prepared to work with you to ensure all your aerial media needs are met.

Vido Syles

Upon completion of every project, we construct a moving drone timelapse. This 2-3 minute video is the best way to watch your project go from dirt to completion. 

Moving Drone Timelapse

Past Projects

Job-Site Analysis

Job Site Analysis

ASOC's Job-Site Analysis provides a deeper understanding of the job-site. We utilize automated flight paths to create 3D maps & orthomosaics of the jobsite. After this data is processed we can calculate elevation levels, stockpile measurements and even import this data to BIM and CAD software for further analysis.


Thermal Imaging

Thermal inspections by drones help reduce liability and save you time.

3D Mapping

Aerial solutions can build you 3D models of your site, stockpile measurements, and more.

State of the Art Mapping

Drones' thermal mapping can detect subtle temperature variations that locate potential problem areas such as air or water leaks.

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