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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this work?
    At a high-level, we would perform an overview of your site, and map out a flight plan to best demonstrate construction progress. Then, however often you request progress updates, we perform a flyover of your site, showcasing construction progress through high definition video, photos, and time-lapses. We upload these to our online portal, where you can track every flight we perform for you. If you’d like to see an example of what our services look like, check out this example at .
  • We already have fixed live-streaming cameras, what further benefit would this provide?"
    Fixed live cameras are great for showcasing a site from a very fixed set of angles. Drone video allows us to show the site from every angle, providing you with much more detailed data about site progress.
  • Does ASOC only do video and photo updates?
    Aside from our HD video and photo updates, we can also provide real-time 3D topographical maps, elevation heatmaps, volumetric calculations, and even point clouds that can be used in CAD programs.
  • How do you actually perform the flyover?
    For each site, we program a flight pattern that we deem would best showcase progress on the site. In doing this, we eliminate human error from the equation, and provide you with videos from the same flight path every time. These consistent angles allow a clearer way to visualize progress.
  • Our site is near an airport, can you still perform services for us?"
    Yes, we just need to get permission from the ATC tower. We’ve done this many times, and it’s usually not an issue. As soon as we get the site location, we can contact the local air traffic controller to get final approval.
  • Who are your pilots?
    We have a partner pilot network with FAA licensed, vetted, trained pilots. Each pilot is part 107 certified by the FAA. ASOC further carries a $5,000,000 UAV liability insurance policy that covers all of our operations. All our pilots are construction-site trained and wear proper construction site attire such as hard-hats and FAA authorization vests while on site.
  • Where can these drones be flown on site? Can this work be done remotely or does the pilot have to be on site?
    FAA mandates that drones be flown within line-of-site, so our pilots are required to be on site to perform drone services.
  • What kind of sites are you allowed to fly over? What buildings and projects can you service?
    Currently, commercial drone work can only be done in Class G airspace without prior approval. We can obtain approval to work in non-class G airspace, and have done so many times before. Drone flights must also take place at or below 400 feet, but we can get that waived on a case-by-case basis if need be.
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